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RadioHam.ru - a website for enthusiastic people engaged in: amateur radio, radio engineering, electronics, sound, computing and information technology, repair and construction.

The platform offers many features and interesting functionality on the site! Create a personal profile: customize it at your discretion and design it uniquely to your taste, tell us about yourself, find people and make new acquaintances based on common interests, communicate, evaluate and share your opinion. Publish your diaries, write unique articles, add fresh news. Place your and your known callsigns. Mark and find places of interest with our interactive map. Post your offers on the bulletin board. Chat and discuss hot topics on the forum. Earn ratings, personal reputation and rewards. Receive special privileged titles for your diligence and hard work. In general, master new heights and discover a lot of useful information in the sections of our website. Keep up to date with the latest news, announcements and events in radio, radio engineering, electronics, sound, computing and information technology. Databases, articles and a forum will help you learn a lot of new things.

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