Conditions for the 'Affiliate Referral Program'

This document is the terms of the site radioham.ru (hereinafter referred to as the 'Site') on cooperation on the terms set forth below.

1.1. Terms and definitions used:
'Service' - tools, services and functionality of Internet services, including, but not limited to, hosted on the Internet at: https://radioham.ru, application programs (including programs for mobile devices) of the Company or its affiliates providing access to the Company's Services;

'Web interface' - a software interface for the Partner's interaction with the Company, which contains information about the Partner, transaction history and other information regarding the Company's services, and also provides the possibility of remote interaction between the Parties under the Agreement, available to the Partner after authorization on the website https:// radioham.ru using the Partner's login and password;

'History of Operations' - data of the systems of automated accounting of site information, which contain data on changes in the balance on the Partner's account, and also contain information about the Partner's referrals;

'Referrals' - a user who used the Partner's referral link to register on the site.

'Referral link' - a part of an electronic (hypertext) document that refers to a Web resource located on the Internet computer network, which has a special format with a unique Partner code.

'User' - a person who is a visitor to the Radioham website in accordance with the User Agreement and on the basis of the license agreement located at https://radioham.ru/rules.html and https://radioham.ru/license.html respectively ;

'Agreement' - 'Affiliate Referral Program', posted on the Internet at https://radioham.ru/referral.html;

'Acceptance' - full and unconditional acceptance of the rules of the contract by performing the actions specified in clause 6.1;

'Agreement' - an agreement between the Partner and the administration of the radioham.ru resource for the implementation of activities to attract Potential Users of the Service, which is concluded by accepting the Offer;

'Partner' - an individual or legal entity that is a resident of the Russian Federation and has made the Acceptance of the Agreement;

'Use of the resource' registration and full use of the resource by a person who does not have an account on the site.

'User Agreement' is a user agreement, the text of which is allowed on the Internet at: https://radioham.ru/referral.html these rules of the referral program. You can also download the rules of this agreement in the public domain in the electronic document below.

1.2. The Offer may use terms not defined in clause 1.1. Offers. In this case, the interpretation of such a term is made in accordance with the text of the Offer. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of the Offer, one should be guided by the interpretation of the term defined: first of all - by the legislation of the Russian Federation, secondly - on the Service, then - established (generally used) on the Internet.
1.3. All other terms and definitions found in the text of the Rules are interpreted in accordance with the User Agreement.
2. The User agrees to provide services for attracting third parties to the Site in order to actively use the resource and services.

3. The User acts by distributing information about the Site and/or the Service on the Internet through the placement of a special link available in the relevant section of the User's Personal Account. The actions taken by the User in terms of distribution of their special link are not taken into account.

4. The user, at his own discretion, determines the procedure for performing actions, subject to the restrictions provided for in Appendix No. 1 to the Rules for Using the Site.

5. The User does not guarantee the Service the achievement of any result, including the commission of any actions by persons.

6. The user is not an official representative of the Service. The user acts on his own behalf.

7. For the provision of services, the Service accrues a fee to the User if the following conditions are simultaneously met:

7.1. the attracted third party went to the Site through a special link posted by the User in accordance with paragraph 3. of these Rules;
7.2. the specified third party makes use of the resource, except for the cases provided for in clause 8. of the Rules;
7.3. commission by a third party of the action provided for in paragraph 13.
7.4. The total amount of accrued remuneration is not less than the allowable amount for a transaction to transfer funds to a third-party payment system;
7.5. the user memorized all the fields of the “Referral Program” section of the Personal Account and provided the Service with reliable information and documents necessary for the latter to fulfill the duties of a tax agent;

7.6. The remuneration is accrued in the amount specified in clause 12 in an automated process within the specified terms for the transaction from the moment all the actions specified in clause 7 of this agreement are completed.
8. of the Rules, the same person went to the Site via a link posted by another User in accordance after the said transition, is not taken into account for the purpose of accruing remuneration.

10. The parties have agreed that the grounds for calculating remuneration in accordance with paragraph 7.

11. The rules are determined on the basis of technical information obtained using the Site.

12. The amount of remuneration accrued in accordance with paragraph 7 of the Rules is:

1% of the balance replenishment sent by a level 1 user
0.5% of the balance replenishment sent by a level 2 user
0.1% of the balance replenishment sent by a level 3 user
13. If the fee paid by a third party as part of an Action is subject to return to a third party, regardless of the reasons for such return, no remuneration is paid in relation to such Action.

14. The Service has the right at any time to change or restrict the validity of these Rules.

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